“My experience of The WOW Stage was very special and I just know it’s going to be even better and even more transformational as The WOW Retreat”.


“I feel like I got a year’s worth of therapy in one weekend”


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One of my biggest passions is providing the space and opportunity for a workshop or retreat in order to illuminate the stories that are binding you and break through those limiting beliefs through the power of connection, nature, creativity, expressive and performing arts. I provide these opportunities through workshops and retreats. By teaming up with other esteemed colleagues, we help create a space that helps our participants feel safe, empowered and transform the obstacles between them, their dreams and a life of joy and bliss. Remember being a child and how you used imagination, dreaming, play, laughter, nature, music, dance and other forms of expression. Remember how much joy this brought you. Turns out we are all born creative and that all of these outlets not only help us connect, heal, learn and grow – but it also helps you relax, restore and expand. Everything you need and want in this life. Please allow me the opportunity to help you shine unapologetically and celebrate you unconditionally.