Episode 42 - The Role of Psychedelics in Modern Therapy

What is your first thought when you hear: Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy? Jen interviews Dayna Wood of Integrative Counsel and gets the 411 on the history, how it works and the significant impact of its safe, intentional and structured use in a psychotherapeutic setting.

Episode 41 - How We Stop Ourselves from Receiving Help

In this episode, Jen explores why many people have a hard time asking for help, then receiving it. Whether the story comes from society or from your family, they are the reason we do not attempt to make positive changes, and move toward your dreams.

Episode 40 - Redefine What Selfish Means

My Shamanic Healer, Lisa Desrosiers, joins us to go deep into my personal journey. Reflecting on the stories I held as roadblocks in the way of following my dreams. Journeying with Lisa Desrosiers opened me up to talking with my soul, receiving profound messages from my deceased father, and more.

Episode 39 - How to Find Joy Gems in Life

In this episode my very own Life Coach, Kelly Russell, shares tools and widom around unstorying your life. Showing how you can become the hero in your life, instead of the victim.

Episode 38 - I Believe in You

Jennifer shares the steps needed to overcome in order to receive help and expertise from others so that we can live happy and healthy lives. Learn more about yourself and your ability to reach out for help when you need it.

Episode 37 - Using Laughter to Shift Our Stories

In this episode, Jen and Laughter Facilitator Jackie DelVecchio explore the power of laughter, and how it can uplift us mentally, emotionally, and physically. Discussing the benefits of laughter, the importance of making time to laugh, and how to illuminate the stories holding you back!

Episode 36 - Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us through our Bodies

In this episode, I'm joined by certified Yoga teacher Michelle Gallant for a discussion about the profound link between physical health and mental wellness. We explore the idea that our issues are in our tissues, and how our bodies often hold onto stories and emotions from our past.

Podcast 35 - Inspirer or Oversharer?

In this episode I take you on a personal journey through the About Page on my website. Sharing some of the stories and obstacles that I needed to break through in order to achieve the dreams that I share. Asking the question, are these stories inspiring, relatable and authentic? Or is it oversharing?

Podcast 34 - The Pulse Cure

Dr. Torkil Færø, best-selling author of The Pulse Cure, shares tried and true knowledge that when combined with a measurable device, we can be warned ahead of time that we are going to get sick. Learn from Dr. Færø how he transformed limited stories in his life and learned how to improve his quality of life and extend his quantity of life.

Podcast 33 - Permission to create your own narrative

Author Nisha Kishore shares how she has broken through stories of shame, guilt, and identity misalignment. Listen and be inspired by Nisha to find your voice and identity with unconditional love, laughter and joy.

Podcast 32 - Experts Do Not Define Me

Grab your notebook because Transformational Coach and Author JP Horgan inspires us all through his living proof that we can shift from victim mindset to growth mindset. Experts told him he's never be "normal" and he proved them wrong and went from mobility scooter to marathon runner. JP helps us all believe we can break through binding stories, even those given to us by experts.

Podcast 31 - Near Death Experience

What if our stories are just nightmares while we are awake? Stories that are untrue, full of fear and keeping us away from freedom and joy? Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker, Steve Lentini shares how his near death experience proves that our limiting stories are not real and do not go with us when we leave this planet - so LIVE NOW!

Podcast 30 - Summer of Self Care

Listen to how Dayna Wood, Founder of Integrative Counsel, and I illuminate the messages that we learned growing up around work/rest keep us from rest and self-care. Learn ways you can find a new and improved definition of rest and incorporate self care more into your life.

Podcast 29 - Heart Attack or Panic Attack?

If you have ever wondered about your health and feared you were having a heart attack when you were actually feeling anxiety, then you won't want to miss this episode. Our brave and courageous participant shares her empowering story of when she found out what she thought was a heart attack was actually a panic attack and knowing more about anxiety has helped her go from making her life smaller and smaller to living a free and expansive life.

Podcast 28 - The Path of Living

Author, Musician and Musical Producer, Prin, could have been completely bound by her brushes with death and multiple stories that were internal and externally projected onto her around her mental health journey. Fortunate for all of us, she instead chose a path of LIVING by asking for help, receiving the help and then took it and integrated it into her life's work.

Podcast 27 - Why Illuminate?

Why do most of us (including me) wait to share our binding stories when voicing them is both empowering and freeing? This podcast helps us not only share the reasons why need to illuminate but also the blocks we build that only hurt us in the long run.

Podcast 26 - Lucky You, Lucky Me

Singer/Songwriter Shannon Grace not only debuts her song Lucky Me on this episode, she also illuminates stories that bound her after being kidnapped and literally snatched away from her dreams. We also hear the story behind her song.

Podcast 25 - Budgeting Bella

A courageous and anonymous participant sends us a letter to help her heal and transform her money stories and how they have her bound. We all have money stories. Listen and see if you can relate and transform the stories of fear and judgment you may hold around money.

Podcast 24 - Concerned Chris

A time to be productive and a time to rest. Shannon Ward and I take a closer look at this common struggle that an anonymous writer wrote in. Listen and find tips to help you when you face this dilemma in our society.

Podcast 23 - A More Loving World

Author Denise Carey, who wrote A Little Book of Extraordinary Love by an Ordinary Person: 12 Tips to Lead Us All into a More Loving World, courageously shares limiting stories around money, food, sex and love and how she continues to work through them.

Podcast 22 - The Stories that Keep Us from Rest and Balance

Rest benefits our creativity and productivity, yet as a collective, we’ve created so many stories that put a negative light on rest. Listen to guests Cassie Brooks-Bowling and Alli Cravener share their tips and wisdom on how each of them receive signals and get rest in different ways.

Podcast 21 - Do You Know Your (HD) Type?

Whether you have heard of Human Design or not, you will not want to miss this episode with Human Design Coach Miranda Mitchell. Known as one of our most listened to podcasts you will learn more about yourself and ow to navigate your work, your energy and creativity through the language and wisdom of Human Design.

Podcast 20 - If I Thought of It, It's Bad

A brave and courageous participant shares her story of "If I thought of it, it's a bad idea" so she lived her life for others. Mick and Tess Pulver prescribe a song to help her live more fearlessly and from her authentic self.

Podcast 19 - Permission to Live Your Best Life

This anonymous and brave participant shares a story that literally keeps her stuck inside and afraid of getting out and living her life to the fullest. Mick and Tess Pulver prescribe a challenging, yet perfect son for this Singing Nightingale. Check it out and see if you can guess what song they prescribed for her.

Podcast 18 - Setting the Song Free

We all have unique gifts. Each and everyone of us. What happens when someone starts to dictate how, what, when and where that gift must be shared? Listen so that YOU and this participant can be free to share their unique gifts any way that they want to.

Podcast 17 - Others First vs. Self First

This participant authentically shares how the oxygen mask metaphor has never made sense to him because he has always been the one to take care of others. As a caregiver of multiple generations from a very young age, choosing self first is incredibly counterintuitive yet necessary for him to change his family legacy and prosper into his own dreams of having a healthy family of his own with self care and balance.

Podcast 16 - Blocking Myself from My Dreams

Our anonymous and courageous participant shares her big dream and how her story and the obstacles like procrastination born out of that story keep her bound and paralyzed from even taking a baby step toward her big dream.

Podcast 15 - I Am an Imposter

Ever feel like a fraud? That feeling is more common than you think. 70% of leaders report that they suffer from Imposter Syndrome. This brave participant shares how it came up in her life in friendships and relationships.

Podcast 14 - Your Brain on Story

Get ready for a thought provoking interview with author of Your Brain on Story, Tom Asacker. He shows us how we are stuck in stories from our families and society putting us in survival mode and always looking for something that seems to be missing.

Podcast 13 - You will LAUGH at this!

Let Laughter Coach and Transformational Speaker, Pete Cann, help you laugh from your belly! Rediscover the powerful secret weapon that laughter is.

Podcast 12 - I Need You to Change, Or Else .....

The urge to try and change our loved ones is often met with frustration. This courageous participant shares how trying to change others became a story, a mission and an obsession, binding her from healthy relationships with family.

Podcast 11 - ITSTBU Continued- Episode #6

Brave participant from Episode #6 returns to share how being a participant on this podcast has shifted his story of never feeling good enough or feeling like he's too much.

Podcast 10 - ITSTBU Continued- Episode #5

Remember our incredible participant in Episode #5. Read how her podcast interview must have traveled telepathically to a family member that ended up calling her and having a healing conversation after the recording of the podcast but before it was published (insert Twilight Zone music here).

Podcast 9 - ITSTBU Continued- Episode #4

We get a chance to hear if the binding story that our brave participant who felt like "The Responsible One" in her family in Podcast #4 has felt things shifted and changed. Her answer is Yes and No - listen to what she shares.

Podcast 8 - ITSTBU Continued- Episodes #2 + #3

I take you on a journey of how my life has changed since recording the podcast episodes #2 and #3 and integrating the powerful songs that were prescribed to me.

Podcast 7 - Money, Money, Money - Ain’t It Funny?

What is your story around money? I am convinced that every person has at least one belief around money. Here we have a brave participant voice that story because she is ready to transform the story around money that she believes is binding her and keeping her from openly receiving the flow of money in her life.

Podcast 6 - I Am Not Enough Nor Worthy to Live My Dreams

This courageous participant shares his story of unworthiness of his dreams as well as the contradiction that he carries of not feeling good enough for the life he wants while at the same time feeling like he is too much. Do you feel that too? You can check out his after story in Episode 11 too.

Podcast 5 - I Am Bad and Deserve to Be Punished

Shame. Perfectionism. Self-criticism. Thinking you have done something wrong when you haven't. This brave participant shares her paralyzing story that originated as a child - that she is "bad". Check out the incredible transformation she experienced in Episode #10 after you listen to this one.

Podcast 4 - Pressure to Be the Responsible One

If you have felt pressure to fulfill societal roles perfectly and keep it all together in superhuman ways, you will not want to miss this podcast. We have a brave and courageous participant share her story of how a label that was given to her early on and positively reinforced throughout her life, has been both a blessing and a curse.

Podcast 3 - Why Did He Stop Loving Me?

Now, this one is a juicy podcast sharing the story I created after losing one of the 3 loves I've had in this lifetime. If you have ever ruminated a story in your head after being ghosted by someone you loved, this is a must listen.

Podcast 2 - Am I Enough for My Family

Now this is the OG story. The MOTHER of all of my stories. The story that I created from the role I assumed in my family of origin. A story of perfectionism, fixing, making everything okay.

Podcast 1 - What is Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us (and why we are doing it)

Start from the bottom and learn the what and why of Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us spoken from ME :)