I offer Psychotherapy and Coaching Services for individuals and couples. Services include 60 minute and 90 minute sessions, as well as Couples Intensives.

My superpowers in these services include:

  • Helping others feel comfortable and at ease immediately
  • Ability to see your strengths and gifts and help them shine
  • Mindfulness/meditation
  • Parts work (Internal Family Systems)as a way of increasing clarity, understanding and compassion
  • Identifying the false stories and limiting beliefs that serve as obstacles to fulfilling relationships, joy, levity, and dreams/goals realized
  • Transforming the stories through creative and expressive arts
  • Depth and meaning
  • Encouragement and hope to believe that everything is possible
  • Empowerment to reach your goals and dreams
  • Helping couples connect to themselves and each other
  • Discernment: I hold tremendous honor in assisting couples through all of their natural ups and downs. Whether the couple needs conflict resolution, communication skills, healing from an affair or support in separating. I am here to help the couple continue to heal, learn, grow and transform together or separate, in a loving and conscious way.
“Jen has been instrumental in supporting my husband and I through some significant life changes that involved how we communicate in our marriage.  With her care and support we were able to identify the parts within us that become activated when angry, anxious or upset, leading to our disagreements.  With these tools from Jen we felt in control and supported.  Our work together with Jen always provided hope and a feeling like she was really “on our team.”   Her words are kind, warm and funny when we really needed humor; a remarkable human being.  We were incredibly blessed to find her and have her in our lives.  She’s very skilled at what she does and cares deeply for her clients.” ~ C.S & M.S