Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us


A Podcast for anyone who has felt stuck and trapped.

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Listen to brave and courageous participants anonymously share a story that they have been living under. A story that is likely fiction but still has been keeping them from loving themselves and stepping forward to living and loving a purposeful life.  From not feeling good enough to feeling unloved, let us take a journey together to help transform and break through the stories that bind us. As a participant sharing their story, you will illuminate the story that binds you, and Mick and Tess Pulver will prescribe a song to help you heal. 

About Your Host


Jennifer H. Carey is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), psychotherapist, healer, teacher, writer and public speaker. Her mission is to help others heal, learn and grow through difficult times. She is passionate about helping her clients cultivate self-love and the ability to create the lives they want, despite any bumps and bruises they experience on their journey. Jennifer specializes in intuitive counseling, mindfulness, and interpersonal effectiveness, and provides counseling services for individuals, couples and groups. 

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