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Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us

A Podcast for anyone who has felt stuck and trapped.

In this series Psychotherapist, Jennifer H. Carey interviews and helps applicants illuminate a story that is binding them. Applicants can choose to write it in a letter or be a participant on the podcast and be interviewed. Both anonymous and both give you the opportunity to voice a limiting story and watch it begin to dissolve. We can all heal, learn, and grow from listening to how the beliefs and stories that we create can consciously and subconsciously run our lives, binding us and holding us back.

This season, Jen collaborates with singer-songwriter Shannon Ward who is also co-founder of Fiercely Peaceful and Love Inside Out Now. Shannon is on a mission to help people remember who they are and she has carried this mission with her as an artist, playwright, healer and co-facilitator of retreats. She’s worked on the WOW STAGE with Jen, and with Mick and Tess Pulver from Breakthrough Performance.

At the end of each podcast, Shannon and Jen will prescribe a song for the participant to help them transform beyond the limiting story they are telling themselves. Together, let’s listen and shine light- so we can breakthrough and step forward into our unlimited potential.

Listen to the episodes here:

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