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My clients often burst into laughter when Brene Brown comes up and my response is: “She’s my hero”, accompanied by a far off look. I believe that the work Brene Brown is doing around shame, vulnerability and empathy is nothing short of revolutionary. Many of the blocks that clients bring to me, whether through individual, couples, or group work, are wrapped in layers of shame. When that shame is hidden, it can’t be touched, changed or transformed. 

That is why I feel incredibly honored to provide a warm and non-judgmental space where people can tell their stories and rid themselves of any perceived shame they might be carrying. 

My intuitive, short-term counseling approach enables me to listen closely to my clients’ stories, identify the themes that run through the challenges they face, and ultimately help them empower themselves to become the authors of their own lives. By providing a supportive space, as well as practical and powerful tools such as mindfulness, I help my clients bring their stories to light, so that they can heal and release what no longer serves them. As the saying goes, when you can name it, you can tame it. Through our work together, my clients gain freedom from the symptoms, triggers, and external influences that once had such a hold on them.

I believe that everyone is worthy of love, compassion, value and acceptance, and I work with all of my clients from this place. Through our work together, my clients discover their power to choose gratitude, present moment awareness, love, forgiveness and compassion, towards themselves and others. 

My Qualifications

I am a licensed mental health counselor and psychotherapist, and hold both Master’s and Specialist’s degrees in Counseling from the University of Florida. I am also a healer, certified Reiki Master, teacher, writer and public speaker

My spiritual growth has been an integral part of my own healing journey. Along with Brene Brown, I count Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer and Pema Chodron as some of the biggest influences on my life’s work. They have provided me with countless skills and tools that I’ve used to overcome my own obstacles to creating the life I want, and I embrace every opportunity to share these principles and practices with my clients.

If you’d like to get to know me and my approach to counseling a little bit better, please visit my Blog.

Currently in Massachusetts, my private practice accepts Out of Pocket, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Behavioral Health, Harvard Pilgrim, Allways, Optum and Tufts Commercial as forms of payment.

Jen is currently all booked up. To work with her, you can apply to be apart of her podcast, “Illuminating the Stories that Bind Us”. Click here to apply!


“My home and my life was in complete chaos.  I knew I needed help.  I knew something had to change.   Jen was the person I went to and I instantly felt comfortable with her.  I wasn’t sure how to open up to a stranger about my problems and life and all of a sudden I was just talking away, telling her everything.  I ended up seeing Jen for 2 months. She has helped me in every possible way, opening my eyes with ways of dealing with problems that I never thought of…getting off the merry-go-round…actually helping me think about “me” for once in my life.  Reminding me of the serenity prayer and giving me a conscious loving/living plan to live by as best as I can.  I truly believe Jennifer Carey with her wisdom and truth saved my life.   (Even this past weekend I found myself saying out loud..” not get on the merry-go-round.”)” ~ S.D.

Over the past few months, Jennifer has been an invaluable facilitator and companion on my journey towards healing trauma and self-actualization. With her keen insight and nurturing spirit, Jen is able to meet me where I am each week. Whether it is through a torrent of tears, bellyaching laughter, guided meditations, or holistic techniques, my sessions with Jen are consistently fruitful and rich. Throughout the week in between sessions, I find myself nourished by her suggested readings and the ‘homework’ we plan together. I am grateful to have found a therapist who is both a consummate professional and is also willing to bring her whole self into her healing practice.” ~ S.O.