I Kept A Dirty Little Secret…

I’m not sure how conscious I was of it at the time, but now that I look back, I can see how much I kept this secret. Like it was shameful and dirty. Yet it was such an important aspect of everything. 

Have you ever kept something hidden? Something precious and clear and pure but you treated it like it was tainted, dirty – shush, shush – don’t tell anyone that PART!

I did this. And I’m going to share with you right now what that secret was – and try to explain why I kept it, in hopes that we may all feel liberated by its illumination. 


There, I said it.

I not only sang – I sang 5 songs. Did you know that?!? Well, if you went, you certainly know this now but did you know before? Probably not.

I recently told a beloved client that I sang at the Songbirds Cabaret and she was like “WHAT!?!” “If I knew you sang, I would’ve gone!!!”

And suddenly, it dawned on me that I was keeping that part a secret. 

Why? Why did I keep the part about me singing a dirty little secret? 

I ran through this in my head and I knew. And I even had remnants of consciously leaving it out.

I thought that if people knew I would be singing, they wouldn’t want to come. Instead, I promoted everyone else and kept the fact that I would be singing covered in this mysterious: “come see me make my dreams come true” – but I hid exactly what dreams were coming true. The truth is, I experienced multiple dreams come true that magical weekend of wonder:

  1. Co-orchestrating a retreat-like festival of its kind
  2. Singing/performing in front of a live audience

I took the songs that Mick and Tess had prescribed to me in order to break through the stories binding me and I performed them, I sang them, in front of everyone present. 

I did it. So, it’s time it isn’t a secret ANYMORE. We do have footage. So this secret has potential to never be a secret again.

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