Wish For My Birthday

Please listen closely to the very end as I share a gift I can give myself and request a gift that you can give me. 

Another birthday is here. I’m one of those people that loves my birthday and I always take my birthday as a moment to pause and reflect on what I’ve learned and to set an intention for the next year around the sun. 

What is coming up for me this year is this: I want to give myself a birthday gift. A birthday gift that I can carry around every single day that makes this year better than any other year I’ve had. And that birthday gift is….drum roll…..LOVING KINDNESS. I wish I could hear your responses to that in real time. I wish I could hear what you would say. Some of you may be like awe…that is so sweet. Some of you may be saying – oh – here she goes again….self love, warm fuzzy talk…(insert eye roll). And I get it. I have talked about this a lot and this may sound like just another way of me saying that and that is okay (see what I did there: loving kindness).

I need loving kindness toward myself for my birthday because I think I am harder on myself than anyone else is or would ever be. And I’m realizing it’s not okay anymore. This abuse has to stop. I wouldn’t allow anyone else to talk to me that way. I know this part means well. It wants me to be perfect and loved by everyone but the truth is – when it takes it to an extreme – it’s downright mean. This is the self talk I’m thinking of:

  • Why did you say that?
  • Why did you do that?
  • You need to work on: (fill in the blank)
  • You need to be better at: (fill in the blank) 
  • Why didn’t you get to this today?
  • Why didn’t you say this to your client?
  • I shouldn’t have eaten that.
  • Was there a better way I could have done that?

Again, I know this part’s intentions: it wants me to be the best person I can be. However, it gets me when it’s coming and it gets me when I’m going. 

So, me and this inner critic/judge, whatever you want to call it, have some work to do. So with this present of Loving Kindness, I’m going to set the intention to work with it every single day. When I catch myself being hard on myself for some reason, I intend, in the most gentle way, to remind myself of that loving kindness present I received – that I will forever more have access to. 

So that is the gift for me from me. 

Just as special, I’m going to request a gift for me from you. Are you ready for it?

That you are more loving and kind toward yourself.

Please respond with one way that you’re going to practice loving kindness toward yourself today.