Befriend Your Emotions

befriend your emotions

“How might we learn to treat our emotions with compassion versus judgement?” ~ Jennifer Carey

Last week we talked about how facing your emotions, like the bison do, help us experience less pain in our life. This week, we are discovering how you can befriend your emotions. When you experience emotions, do you see them as friends or foes? 

A lot of my clients will feel a negative emotion and ask me for help in just getting rid of it. They find that the emotions are too overwhelming or uncomfortable, so they just want them to disappear. It is normal to feel this way, but avoiding your emotions doesn’t really help you in the long run. Your emotions have something to tell you, they want you to tune in and listen rather than shamefully turning them away. 

We come into this world with all these emotions that help our parents know when we have a need that needs to be met. We process so many things in life through our emotions. We get to a point in our lives, however, where people start telling us don’t feel this scared, don’t feel sad, don’t be too happy, you may be let down. What I don’t think we realize is that judging our emotions only fuels the fire and adds a charge to it, making it even more difficult and uncomfortable. 

In Episode #11 of Shortcuts to Zen with Jen , I remind us how important it is to treat our emotions as beloved friends with compassion, curiosity, kindness and respect. I also speak to how it’s such a hard task considering how much energy we create when judging our emotions as good or bad. What if we started to treat our emotions with the gentlest of curiosity,  with the compassionate understanding we would give our most beloved friend?  What if we decided to befriend our emotions rather than make them our enemy?

The next time you encounter any type of emotion, I encourage you to pause and give it zero judgment and 100% acknowledgment and compassion and please let me know how it goes. I love hearing how these lessons impact you. 

To hear more about this, check out Episode #11 of Shortcuts to Zen with Jen. If you haven’t already, check out last week’s episode and article. I look forward to hearing how these mindfulness hacks are treating you!