Write It Down

write it down, journal

“When we take our thoughts out of our heads and put them in front of us on a piece of paper, it decreases the charge they cause by spinning in our heads” ~ Jen Carey When clients share with me that their thoughts get in the way of them focusing on work or take them out of a peaceful moment, I often recommend writing them down in a journal. Some of my clients that have taken this advice share with me that they now keep a journal right next to their computer or they use their phone to write down the thoughts that are disturbing their peace. 

By writing your thoughts down, you take away some of the charge that is caused by them simply swirling inside your head without awareness of them. Once they are out there in your journal, where you can read them back to yourself, they lost their power over you. It also helps us more easily see our own individual thought patterns. For example, you may see that you’re often worried about pleasing people and your thoughts revolve around whether or not that is happening. I always say awareness is 50% of the solution so having this awareness is helpful in the process of healing your thoughts and then transforming them.

Please remember that once you write them down, it’s time to practice gentle curiosity, compassion and non-judgement toward the thoughts. In other words, don’t judge them as good or bad, right or wrong. And if you do judge them, try not to judge the judging. If you judge your thoughts, and then judge the judging, you’re further disturbing your own peace. 

Sometimes putting our thoughts out there so that they’re right in front of us is intense at first. We’re shocked at what is swirling in our minds. Please, trust me and the process, and know that eventually your mind starts to quiet and become much more peaceful. You will find that you are able to be alone with your thoughts without feeling consumed by intense emotion, because you know that you can release them into your journal and they will lose power over you. 

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