Illuminating The Stories That Bind Us Episode 4: Perfectionism

In episode number 4 of Illuminating The Stories That Bind Us, Jen visits with a guest who is a working mother who has always felt a lot of pressure to be responsible.

Jen shares a great quote from Gloria Steinem, “Perfectionism attaches to what is valued in the culture.”

They discuss that in life, humans feel they have to be perfect. In our career, or our relationships, we have the pressure to be perfect.

The participant tells their story about how perfectionism has affected her life and binded her, especially as a mother. There has always been the question of: Who has it together? Who doesn’t have it together?

The participant also talks about how she was viewed as perfect growing up and how it impacted her as an adult. She felt like she had to have it all together because there was a positive response to that, so it was hard to break free from that.

The story that she tells herself is “If I don’t have it all together, then I can’t help other people.”

With that, there is an immense amount of pressure to not let anyone down.  The pressure to have it all together is a huge challenge and it has lead to people-pleasing, a lack of boundaries, and inauthenticity.

Instead of being the “mother figure” of the group, she is learning how to set limits and boundaries around time. 

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